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Air Filters  
Compressed air contains water, dirt, scale, oil, and bacteria. These contaminants degrade pneumatic machinery and tools; blocks valves and orifices, corrodes piping, erodes seals, spoils product and reduces overall system efficiency. Continuous Air Systems offers a wide variety of quality filtration products to satisfy every application. From small 8mm sub-micron coalescing push-fit filters to massive flanged particulate filters, we can solve your compressed air filtration problem.

Air Filters


Compressed air dryers are a vital component in any compressed air system. Moisture creates a number of problems. Rust and scale in piping in turn damages product and equipment, increasing costs. Frozen outdoor compressed air lines. Reduce maintenance costs and increase production by selecting the appropriate compressed air dyer. Continuous Air Systems sells and supports quality desiccant, refrigerated, and membrane air dryers by leading manufacturers.

Air Dryers

Utlilizing compressed air for breathing applications requires the use of breathing air purifiers. Portable and stationary breathing air purifiers are available in various sizes and configurations with and without CO, CO2, SO2, and NOx removal. Breathing air purifiers are required in the following applications: Spray Painting, Sandblasting, Asbestos Abatement, and Confined Work Spaces.

Breathing Air
Air receivers are required in every compressed air network. Simple in design, they provide required storage where compressed air demand exceeds compressor capacity allowing for a smaller more energy efficient compressor. Compressor controls operate more efficient with a properly sized air receiver fitted after the compressor. They also reduce unnecessary wear and damage on the compressor's main components, the compressor module and electric motor. Contact Continuous Air Systems to determine correct size and placement of air receivers in your air network.
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