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Continuous Air Systems is equipped to design and install a complete compressed air piping system. Our experienced service department can install any size of compressed air piping. Continuous Air Systems can reroute and re-pipe your existing installation or design and install a complete compressed air distribution network.  
 Distribution System Tips
  • Arrange piping to avoid the following types of strains:
    A: Strains due to dead weight of the pipe.
    B: Strains due to expansion or contraction of the pipe.
  • Take all drop lines from the top of main pipe and locate them near main points of use
  • Slope condensate travel with flow of air and away from compressor.
  • Install a pipe tee at the discharge pipe near the compressor to blow to atmosphere if necessary for control adjustment.
  • Discharge pipe must be same size as air compressor outlet.
  • Install pressure gauges throughout the system for troubleshooting.
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